Exemptions and extensions granted to resume Air Operations globally adding to risk or preventing it ?

Though its admiring to see resumption of Air Operations globally, Aviation sector has become the first among Industries to restore operations in post COVID-19 situations.

Behind the curtain, there has been a big laundry list of exemptions and extensions of various process in Airworthiness Standards, Air-operations regulations and Air Safety compliances to resume flying operations at the earliest possible with desired safety assurances.

To ensure these, ICAO has laid down various guidelines advising Aviation Regulator of Contracting States to issue detailed instructions for granting Extension/Exemptions & Monitoring etc.

Review of situation on Ground reveals that despite loss of jobs, no flying operations etc most of the qualified man power is opting for safer place locked inside homes. This has created severe man power crunch across globe, posing serious problems in resuming flying operations. Considering these limitations spread across world ICAO have relaxed many critical mandates which were otherwise non negotiable in pre COVID-19 situation.

These exemptions and extensions became compulsive because of not only shortage of qualified man power e.g Pilots, Cabin Crew, Ground Crew (Ticketing, Ground handling and Security etc), but also shortage of spares & stores, Calibration facilities, Major repair facilities, Training facilities, Medical Assessment facilities etc.

A brief list of few exemptions/extensions include :

a. Extension on FDTL (Flight Duty Time Limitation) for Pliots & Cabin Crew

b. Extension of validity of licenses, Renewal, Instrument Ratings, privileges of pilots Licenses, Skill Test, Recurrent training, Flight Check requirements of Pilots, Load & Trim Staff, Flight Despatchers, Cabin crew, ground instructors etc.

c. Extension on Pilot Proficiency Checks, Mandatory Aviation Medical assessment, requirement of minimum number of Takeoff & landing currency in past 3 months.

d. Extension on validity of recurrent Dangerous goods Regulation training.

e. Extension on Aviation Security Refresher training by Civil Aviation Security Department.

f. Extension of Recurrent /Refresher Training / Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD Approval)

g. Extension on validity of Medical Fitness Assessment, English Language Proficiency (ELP), Recency & Competency checks for Licensed Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs).

Though a very pragmatic approach taken by ICAO, what apparently seems is that the relaxation in the system should have been adopted following more prudent process seeking independent opinion of professionals belonging to out side ICAO Team of Experts i.e Aviation Medical Specialists, Psychologists etc.

On one end the exemptions & extensions give way for resumption of flying operations but on the other end it makes flying more challenging and raising fatigue levels of Ground crew and Flying Crew too due to persistent stress levels for uncertainty looming large over their head for various counts.

ICAO being a responsible Organisation has been conducting numerous very informative Webinars on various relevant subject matters with special reference to COVID-19.

During one such Webinar on “Extending Flight and Duty Limits for COVID-19 “Special Ops” and ” Licensing in the times of COVID-19″ when panelists were posed a Question as to ” Wouldnt it be better if inputs from Aviation Medical Specialists & Psychologists too were sought on such critical issue ?”. The Panel though acknowledged importance of reference made but didnt confirm any such effort was made.

During one more similar Webinar on “Managing Fatigue in COVID-19 “Normal Operations” conducted by IATA joined by ICAO Representative as Penalist; in reply to a Question “Dont long list of exemptions/extensions under Airworthiness, Air operations, Air safety regulations pertaining to Pilots License, Training of Pilots/ATCOs, Medical Examination, Aviation Security recurrent training etc add risk of higher fatigue than preventing it ? “. Panelists did affirm point raised of concern and expected that the Contracting states would undertake due diligence in totality before approving extensions and exemptions.

In addition to regular ICAO oversight Inspections of Contracting States Aviation Operations, ICAO must also promulgate Calendar for surveillance to ensure that the ICAO Guidelines are adapted by the Contracting States along a well documented & compelling Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan, especially in the light of recent statement of Civil Aviation Minister of Pakistan reveals 260 out of 860 Pakistan Pilots are flying with fake license being hazard in the open Air Space risking lives of millions of passengers across globe.


Poor & needy Farmers commit Suicide, while waived Loan pocketed by Agri mafia

If I say that there is not even single farmer exists in India having his own land under his possession, selling more than even 1 tonne of even Wheat may surprise many but is crude reality.

Those registered as Farmer in the govt data are owners of very small land piece which feed them barely two meals a day, while most of them are Mid & Big size Land Sharks (Mafia) who are directly or indirectly connected to ruling alliance or strongest opposition party in particular state. It is noted that, National Parties e.g. Congress and BJP dont indulge in such activities but they do forge alliance with these parties and hence during rule of any Govt there is no criminal action on Mafia, while every Govt holds flag of zero tolerance to Corruption.

Despite Nationalisation of Banks by Mrs Indira Gandhi, Banks remained out of reach for villagers and especially Farmers in a country which have over 50% population as Farmers. This resulted in exploitation of Farmers for loans for Crop etc taken from Money lenders (mafia) who with time gained political power becoming Sarpanch etc as most of the villagers were their creditors, were in no position to repay even interest and also their valuables as security were held with these mafia.

Problem turned severe with mushrooming of Cooperative Banks in 70’s era, which were dominated by the regional party members who were actually money & land mafia in the villages. Earlier, as money mafia they had already grabbed valuables of farmers now they had forced farmers to pledge land papers to the Banks/ Money Lenders.

With every Crop either getting damaged by flood/drought the farmers reached a point where their debts kept pilling up with money lenders/cooperative banks. The year Crop did well these mafia forced Farmers to sell the products at rock bottom price and earned huge profits by selling it to big fat distributor.

With increased money power these fat distributors /their masters became more ruthless and now had entered into active Politics posing electoral challenges to key regional and national parties. By now as these mafia had started earning huge income from Agri products they also started enjoying tax free income benefits as Farmers/Income from Agri Products.

With decade of 1980, almost all the States started forming APMC (Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee) legalising activities of these mafia as Registered Entity under State Act. This system not only increased exploitation of Farmers but also started indulging into cartelisation rigging up prices of vegetables, fruits and grains especially on arrival of new Crop.

Historically, at the time of arrival of new Crop, prices used to be very reasonable and people used to store grains & cereals etc for the year and people used to celebrate festivals with full zeal due to seasonal vegetables and fruits available at cheaper price but now scenario is reverse. To rig prices these mafia at times create fake shortage of these commodities too.

The greed of mafia didnot stop here. By mid 80’s decade, they had started controlling political parties through funding and claiming village constituencies. With this their atrocities on Farmers started becoming inhumane and initiated killing farmer for waiver of loan became new trick, becoming big political issue across nation as Farmer Suicide.

In 1990, Prime Minister VP Singh was politically forced to declare Farmers loan waiver scheme for Rs 10,000 Crore, first time in Indian history. This initiative of Govt of India opened a new regime of black-mailing by mafia to almost every Govt at Center and State ruled by any party. Consequently, either Govts give in every year for Farmer’s loan waiver or number of farmer suicide increase substantially to shake the Govt as opposition parties and media would use this as tool to create negative public sentiments. While ground reality was that loan waiver funds never reach the poor farmers.

In reality the funds of loan waiver is being pocketed by these mafia who are registered as mid – big farmers, having turn over in 100s of Crores annually. This loan waiver has become such a big monster that it would cost India in FY 2020-21 to alomst 40-50 billion USD which is approx 2% of GDP.

Over the years all those who were actual owners of Agri Lands have become labour in their own farm-land as their lands have been grabbed by money lenders in lieu of Loans while big farmers & land mafia are growing exponentially gulping Agri Income and Loan Waiver funds.

Reports by all committees on Farmer loans and RBI have recommended to abolish farmer’s loan waiver as these are working negatively for economy as number of default to Cooperative Banks are increasing rapidly increasing number of NPAs too.

NDA Govt has started good initiative of DBT and GPS based Land records digitisation so that soonest possible original land owning farmers are free from clutches of these mafia but success of this mission will depend upon committed efforts of State Govts.

Moving furthers, Govt must also look at options to :

a. Reduce burden of Loan waiver on Budget and eventually abolish it

b. RBI control on Cooperative Banks for regulation and Management

c. Ways to eliminate mafia from Agriculture sector

d. Increase Agricultural contribution to GDP which has fallen to approx 12-14%

e. Set up all weather Agri Product Storages network to preserve crop produce

f. Fund Crop and buy 100% product at MSP & preserve produce in Cold Storages

g. Develop mafia free efficient Logistics & Supply Chain

h. Make Agri Income Taxable

i. Dis-allow direct/indirect control of Farming land by Individual/Group of Individuals/any other Entity

Baba Ramdev : Ambitious Yoga Guru’s saga of fall as Businessman !

Baba Ramdev was household name in 90’s decade for his excellent yoga techniques and huge fan following which spanned across social, religious, political, bureaucratic, business communities.

He became sole motivator for the people, to take yoga to every house and made people taking pride in doing yoga every day as follower of Baba Ramdev. Large number of people who were not able to attend his sessions for various reasons started following him on his CDs which used to sell in millions in numbers and even almost all TV Channels started showing his sessions during Air time convenient of people. This mission reached pinnacle when his following extended globally and many head of states too invited him for Yoga Sessions.

A hard cord Hindutva icon Baba Ramdev’s joining Anna Hazare lead “India Against corruption” movement made his entry into indirect politics and subsequently his statements on press too started turning pro Bjp. He started praising Bjp leaders during his Yoga sessions, yet top leaders from political parties remained close to him for Yoga.

It was in 2014 Parliament elections when he forged undocumented strategic alliance with Bjp, campaigned for the party and also held soft negotiation few LS Seats for his staunch followers/associates. This was the point of formal split for him with leaders of opposition parties. Now he was known as Yoga guru supporting Bjp though he was still enjoying good relations with many Cong & other party leaders informally.

Serving people with herbal medicine under banner named Patanjali has been his dream project when he was not even so famous. In 2006, he along with his close associate in gurukul in Haryana holding no share by him. He always used to say in his Yoga sessions that he wants to bring back Ayurvedic medicine in Indian lives at very affordable price so that even poor can get treatment, as he will be selling it at no profit.

Strangely, Acharya Bal krishna is not a saint, rather a sharp business man. After launching Patanjali as manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines, Patanjali decided to use another emotive nerve Swadeshi to enter into FMCG products market competing with other Indian manufacturers and MNCs into FMCG. Once again Baba Ramdev’s followers were lured for health & hygiene products claiming better purity and cheaper than MNCs. This turned the Coffee table of top MNCs upside down in India.

Most of his followers in interior villages areas buy Patanjali products only because of Baba Ramdev, without even knowing that Patanjali have hired many top executives from competing Indian & MNC FMCG firms only and that they are being served similar products with added few herbal ingredients.

Patanjali’s USPs of “Ayurvedic, Swadeshi, Pure & Cheap” brought windfall profits to it, escalating its Turn over to over Rs 10,000 Crore in FY 2016-17 double from FY 2015-16 of Rs 5000 Crore.

At this juncture, Baba Ramdev tweaked his promise of selling Patanjali at No profit to using Pofits earned by Patanjali for charity purpose and actually indulged into large number of charitable mission for cow etc, but in the back drop it actually turned into any other Company in India doing business for Profit.

Moving ahead, now for Patanjali, though Swadeshi continued to be in all statements of Baba Ramdev but had no aversion to doing business with foreign nations too which came to light when 50 Tonnes of Sandalwood being exported by Patanjali in 2018 was confiscated by DRI suspecting it being mixture of Grade A & B mixed with C grade Sandalwood which was violation.

Subsequently, all the Charges against Patanjali were dropped in 2019 and export was permitted, but what became evident that Baba Ramdev & Patanjali who captured big share in Indian FMCG Market on the Banner of Swadeshi have no reservation to do business with foreign nation that too enemy nation China.

Like many compliance evasive & unethical business entities in India, Patanjali was ordered by National Anti Profiteering Authority (NAA) to cough up Rs 75.08 Crore as penalty for not passing on GST rate reduction to the consumer as the Company instead increased the prices of its products.

There are many on Social Media who have been and are still yoga followers of Baba Ramdev feel frustrated to see miserable state of affairs at Patanjali as it was promised by him to operate Patanjali as Social Service, while Patanjali now is getting into legal controversy spoiling his own image and posting annoying message to him on Social Media.

The recent controversy which may land Baba Ramdev and many into serious legal battle for launching CORONIL as Corona Treatment medicine on 23rd Jun 2020, which came under controversy withing few hours of its launch, when Ministry of Ayush for not seeking any such permission.

Baba Ramdev who was well respected for his Yoga skills & sessions worldwide is struggling as Businessman for violations. Turnover of Patanjali of past 3 consecutive Financial Years FY 2016-17 : Rs 10,526; FY 2017-18 : Rs 9,500 and FY 208-19 : Rs 8,330 show a serious down trend, Patanjali losing its glory of Swadeshi & Ayurveda effecting image of Baba Ramdev too.

Sooner, Baba Ramdev accepts that he doesnt have cut to be a Business man, he can bounce back as unmatched Yoga guru with same respect & popularity among his followers !

India need to adopt new strategic approach on China

Even after changing global alliances & PM Sh Narendra Modi adopting extra friendly approach to neighboring countries, what unfolded on the 15th Jun 2020 is that China has “Expansion of its geographical boundaries” its National Policy. For which its leaders are committed & duty bound to achieve, by peaceful deal or by force on its neighbours.

Even after changing global alliances & PM Sh Narendra Modi adopting extra friendly approach to neighboring countries, what unfolded on the 15th Jun 2020 is that China has “Expansion of its geographical boundaries” its National Policy. For which its leaders are committed & duty bound to achieve, by peaceful deal or by force on its neighbours.

Seems China never expected retaliation from Indian troops and went ahead with mis-adventure which came as shocker to its troops. Tactically, India is on the dominating position because of Siachin – Daulat Beg Oldi Military & Air force Base and now that whole world is against China due to nuisance of COVID, its time India to align with USA & NATO and carry out a decisive strike as response to 15th Jun misadventure, force China to convert LAC into permanent Border between India and China. Russia and Iran too will not support China and may be neutral in the event of conflict.

India also need to accept a reality that China is ambitious to be super power in South & South East Asia by imposing its dominance on South China Sea & intruding into Arabian Sea. Hence it is a reality, India and China cannot stay together as Friends as only one can dominate the region despite the fact that India has no ambition to be super power in any region and wish to be friendly with all the nations and follow doctrine of peace.

With China’s action on 15th Jun, it has violated the Treaties between the two nations. Hence, all the Treaties dont stand sanctity anymore. China has been bullying India, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Maldives, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea etc, while using North Korea as its Test Lab for all illegal Missile & Nuclear activities which are prohibited for it being member of UN.

India imports electrical machinery & equipment, organic chemicals, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, silk, mineral fuels, and oils worth about Rs 100 Billion while Exports is barely Rs 50 Billion. Fortunately, since the out break of COVID & being blamed for it, India has already started getting orders from customers of China and once China is cornered by global community, its economy will crash which is already showing negative trends.

Considering over all scenario, India must :

a. Consider China as permanent competitor & enemy

b. Build stronger relations with all South East Asia Countries

c. No Trade with China to ensure an economically weaker China

d. Execute military action to settle LAC permanently as Border

India, better be Atmanirbhar Bharat in Diplomatic relations & Military capability too !

Past two decades have witnessed global Balance of Power in Roll n Pitch mode and if at all came to Quiescent phase, found tilting westwards. China continued to be somewhat on “√čkla Chalo Re” mode yet bullying all its neighbours except North Korea using it as remote controlled lunatic military base, while Russia has been sometimes tilting towards USA to the extent of being accused of ensuring ouster of Democrats in USA despite being competitor in Defence equipment market & threatening of dire consequences to same Donald Trump ruled USA for any mis adventure in Syria, to conducting joint Military exercise with Pakistan forces and simultaneously negotiating S-400 Missile defence system with India as exclusive deal and supporting China’s candidature for proposed G-10/11 along with entry of India.

Above trends severely impacted global economy due to knee jerk changes in trade regulations in terms of anti dumping duties etc due nationalistic euphoria in USA, India in the form of Make in America, Make in India respectively. Trade war between USA & China severely soured, China forming a combined economic forum BRICS consisting of (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) on one end and on other end using Veto in UN against declaring Masood Azhar as Global Terrorist who is chief of Pakistan govt supported Terror outfit JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) accused of proxy war with India at J & K borders.

US – Taliban Agreement for restoring Peace in Afghanistan to handle domestic negative public sentiments American forces deployment in Afghanistan, and also restoration of peace with Iran though short lived. Indo-US relations have experienced “Seesaw effect”, as on one end US hitting hard India by imposing H1B VISA restrictions, imposing additional duty on 250 items imported from India, to boost Make in America mission ; on other end expanding G-7 to G-10/11 inviting India to join and also USA supporting India’s eligibility in UNSC.

Indian relations with Iran mostly have been very positive while US imposing Sanctions on Iran and even blocking India’s Oil purchase from Iran. USA’s one of the close ally in NATO – Turkey openly supported Pakistan in UN on Kashmir issue despite being one of the largest trade partner of India ; While US President Donald Trump specially organised “Howdy Modi” mega event to give grand welcome to Narendra Modi in USA at Houston, projecting him as his friend and Narendra Modi too reciprocating by taking him round the venue of “Howdy Modi” holding hand of Donald Trump high around the Indian diaspora.

Historically, US has been a Country which views all its diplomatic relations through business glasses which is primarily dominated by Military equipments, which have substantially been increased over past 2 decades till Russia restored its position as major Arms supplier at the level of erstwhile USSR. India had always enjoyed good relations with USSR as almost all the Defence deals since Independence were executed with USSR, though there have been allegations of huge kick backs to the tune of 40% in all the defence deals India executed with USSR. Indo- Russia relations are yet reach at par with Indo- USSR relations of 1950-80 decades. Further, new Russia too is eyeing for defence deals being major contributor & booster to its economy. Hence only big defence deals with Russia only would get Indo-Russia relations closer, which would mean tricky balancing of defence procurement with USA-Europe-Russia Triangle.

Apparently, with USA showing too much love for India for seat on UN platforms & other global forums but in Trade deals Make in America is its priority No.1. Russia is not yet trusted Military ally as it was in USSR Era.

As situation at Indian borders with China & Pakistan are hotting up and would continue to be hotting up between both countries, though US is showing support to India along with its NATO allies but will be mis-interpretation as if US standing up for India’s strategic objectives beyond its own objectives of punishing China for CORONA, gaining supremacy in South China Sea & damaging CPEC, breaking China’s economic spinal cord.

Our National Security strategists may be working on road map for India as Atmanirbhar Bharat independently protecting borders with China & Pakistan through military might.

Bollywood- a play ground for sinners, need deep cleansing !

Criminality, Sleaze, Bhaigiri, Coterie, Nepotism etc has been an acceptable norm for survival for anyone looking for career in Bollywood.

One just need to connect to the clout and make it to Star as Actor-Singer-Composer-Lyricist-Director-Writer etc. Dare one antagonize any of these active groups and they will be dumped & forgotten at drop of hat.

The Clout is criminally, politically & financially so strong that they can manage Investigations, Bail, Judgements, manipulate critical Forensic evidence, and anything which may become road block in their supremacy. Worst that happens is that Bollywood beat journalists act as stooge to these clouts, writing scripted reviews for & against as per whims & fancy of these masters.

You tube is loaded with lunatic, bullish & arrogant behaviour of these botox-faced rulers, which are being posted on SM too; but dare not Police or High-Court or Supreme Court take suo-moto action on any of these, while they discharge their duty of watch dog on any other issue they so decide to intervene.

Like any other Crinimal world, Bollywood too is divided in various groups joined by Producer, Directors, Actors, Choreographers, Music Directors, Lyricists, Writers etc. They too have similar to what is called gang war for business grab & survival using their connections in Politics, Police, Judiciary, Bureaucracy etc

All Screen Awards are display of slanderous communications/altercations across groups, but while they openly ridicule each other yet call it Bollywood a well knit family affair.

Sushant Singh Rajput, Jia Khan and may be many more in the past have not only lost their career but also ended up killing themselves because of these vultures who allow only their breed which need not be talented but must toe their line, bow to them, scream for them luciously , sleazingly & so on.

Ghost writers and Ghost Lyricists are way of working openly wherein unknown but talented writers & lyricists create best of story, screen play & dialouge, lyrics etc but it is all grabbed by members of these groups. The actual creator gets peanuts from these crocodiles as remuneration and remain unsung hero too as the Award goes to these fake creators.

In past 20 yrs, Bollywood has not produced even one Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, Lyricist, Music Composer who is either not born out of these families or directly/indirectly connected to them.

Its time for all the Struggling Talents of Bollywood to come out in open, post videos, messages etc on SM narrating truths exposing real face to these parasites so that people reject them & their off-springs on Social Media and also in Theaters & OTT.

Govt must also regulate this Industry through business operations regulations, ethical & statutory compliances and Ombudsman to address grievances of victims and act as watch dog.

It will a great contribution of Judiciary to the world of Art & Culture if they take suo-moto actions on any direct /indirect criminality in this sector as Entertainment is very important part of our society, till a system is evolved to set this Industry free of Criminality.

India Inc too should venture into this domain to boost professional & fair trade practices in the Bollywood and also offer variety of entertainment reviving glory of this Industry to pre 1980 Era.

Tactical Targeting the way ahead for ROW(Rest of World) in an inevitable War with China

China, despite being a UN member has been a torturous Nation especially in past 2 decades. It has been deliberately raising conflict with all its neighbours & also with the countries it is doing business with.

Over the years due to soft leaderships across world especially in key countries e.g USA, EU, India etc, China has been building its military might not only in South China Sea, but also trying to bully Tibet, Bhutan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Philippines, Sri Lanka and even Australia. While it has been using Pakistan as stooge against India and North Korea as Lab of Nuisance.

South China Sea is part of key shipping route for many countries navigating through Malacca Strait. In the Paracel and Spratly islands region there are more than 70 reefs and islets in the South China Sea, on which China is one out of 5 Nations staking claim.

The Paracels are a group of islands east of Vietnam, claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam, into which China intruded. Simultaneously, China has also forced its presence into the Spratly Islands which are cluster of dozens of low-lying islands and reefs near Borneo.

Pushing its way through, China has projected itself as military might in South China Sea and built up Military facilities including runways, in the Paracel and Spratly islands. These runways are being used by Chinese fighter aircrafts for surveillance and show of dominance over South China Sea region.

India has developed and been enjoying friendly relations with USA for over past 20 yrs and also executed several Military equipment & aircraft deals making a soft ally of USA

Observing India’s inclination towards USA & NATO, China has been building its significance in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet etc in recent years and also have conducted several Missile tests through North Korea and military activities in South China Sea.

China clandestinely has been supporting Pakistan in cross border terrorism, exercised Veto in UN in favour of Pakistan. Considering Pakistan an ally, China has built CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) through POK, violating India’s right over POK.

In 2017, Chinese Army created Doklam conflict, which was resolved without any casualty on either side taking tough stand by Indian Army & Govt of India. This was a helping hand India extended to Bhutan.

But on 15th Jun 2020, China has attempted a huge mis-adventure in Galwan Valley as military pressure on India to not sync with USA who is leading to build global consensus against China for CORONA. This has taken Indo-China relations to a Point of No Return.

Now that ROW (Rest of the World) lead by USA have got together to teach life time lesson to China for its COVID-19 nuisance, treacherous activities to all its neighbours, muscle flexing in South China Sea, and recent Cyber attack on Australia, the USA & allies may be contemplating one time massive but swift Military action on China and its allies, breaking its military and economic back bone.

Keeping in view, the ROW (Rest of the World) may resort to Tactical Targeting out of listed under :

a. Severe Damage to CPEC & also to Karanchi Harbour, breaking China’s dream of becoming economic super power .

b. India’s military assault on LAC and LOC front, simultaneously opening strike from Afghan base helping liberate Baloch & Sindh.

c. US & allied forces action on access routes of North Korea to its nuclear sites.

d. US & Australian forces capture Chinese occupied Islands in Paracel and Spratly region. This will be a strategic supremacy for USA in providing support to Taiwan, Philippines, Australia etc, challenging China in South China Sea. This will also help USA monitor & check North Korea’s Missile activities and also conduct more effective FONOPs (Freedom of Navigation Operations) by US Navy in South China Sea.

Ideally, silence of Russia and Iran will help achieve Strategic objectives expeditiously through Tactical targeting. This will ensure long term world peace and relief from Chinese misdemeanor in business, political and military relations, deals and treaties.

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