India need to adopt new strategic approach on China

Even after changing global alliances & PM Sh Narendra Modi adopting extra friendly approach to neighboring countries, what unfolded on the 15th Jun 2020 is that China has “Expansion of its geographical boundaries” its National Policy. For which its leaders are committed & duty bound to achieve, by peaceful deal or by force on its neighbours.

Seems China never expected retaliation from Indian troops and went ahead with mis-adventure which came as shocker to its troops. Tactically, India is on the dominating position because of Siachin – Daulat Beg Oldi Military & Air force Base and now that whole world is against China due to nuisance of COVID, its time India to align with USA & NATO and carry out a decisive strike as response to 15th Jun misadventure, force China to convert LAC into permanent Border between India and China. Russia and Iran too will not support China and may be neutral in the event of conflict.

India also need to accept a reality that China is ambitious to be super power in South & South East Asia by imposing its dominance on South China Sea & intruding into Arabian Sea. Hence it is a reality, India and China cannot stay together as Friends as only one can dominate the region despite the fact that India has no ambition to be super power in any region and wish to be friendly with all the nations and follow doctrine of peace.

With China’s action on 15th Jun, it has violated the Treaties between the two nations. Hence, all the Treaties dont stand sanctity anymore. China has been bullying India, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Maldives, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea etc, while using North Korea as its Test Lab for all illegal Missile & Nuclear activities which are prohibited for it being member of UN.

India imports electrical machinery & equipment, organic chemicals, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, silk, mineral fuels, and oils worth about Rs 100 Billion while Exports is barely Rs 50 Billion. Fortunately, since the out break of COVID & being blamed for it, India has already started getting orders from customers of China and once China is cornered by global community, its economy will crash which is already showing negative trends.

Considering over all scenario, India must :

a. Consider China as permanent competitor & enemy

b. Build stronger relations with all South East Asia Countries

c. No Trade with China to ensure an economically weaker China

d. Execute military action to settle LAC permanently as Border

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