Air-India’s returning home-a best Tribute to Sir JRD by Sir Ratan Tata & Govt of India


Sale of AirIndia has been on Agenda of Govt of India since UPA-I , but the intentions of Govt were never been serious as Ministry of Civil Aviation was always headed by alliance partner and not by the Congress. It was apparent that idea of Sale of AirIndia was to make money out of its sale. The way it was unwittingly loaded with purchase of unwanted Inventories i.e Dream liners etc, as if it was intended to make it financially unviable and sale to someone within connived person as AirIndia not only had huge operational inventory i.e Aircraft, Equipments etc but real estate also in prime location.

Sale of AirIndia used to be hot topic for Panel discussion on almost all the TV Channels and I am proud to say that I used to be only Panelist who always opposed the Sale of AirIndia, as I could foresee its Death in the hands of connived sharks who had no National Interest or National Pride.

My stand was always that its only Tata’s who should be given the AirIndia back as it was their Baby and they only will be able to revive and grow it and yet supporting the Nation in the times of Crisis & National obligation e.g War, Emergency evacuations of our people from overseas, VVIP flying etc unlike current lot of private Airlines loot people while evacuating from overseas, from flood affected areas and while flying on remote & critical areas etc.

My stand for supporting Tata’s used to be also for better health & growth of Indian Aviation sector as with AirIndia into its fold they will be able to dominate & transform Civil Aviation sector into a serious & ethical, safety concerned and corruption free business sector as Tata’s are known patriot Group, they will never loot people in times of crisis, will not participate in cheap tricks of fare ware etc, will not compromise on Safety concerns at any cost and help eliminate corruption in Aviation sector as they are known as a Corporate which dont bribe anyone.

Brand Maharaja was repeatedly attempted to kill by media reports on poor In-flight services, cancellation of flights at critical times, Pilot’s strike during peak tourism seasons etc. Media managers of rival Private Airlines used to ensure smallest incident of AirIndia was highlighted in Print & Electronic Media and even in Parliament but biggest of Accidents of Private Airlines was either not covered or quickly taken off public focus. Things not used to stop here, even DGCA used to be ruthless with AirIndia for smallest incident which they are supposed to be for all, but used deal with baby gloves to the Private Airlines. A consistent mission was going on to kill Maharaja as a trusted Brand.

Supporting highly experienced, confident and yet presentable to their age Cabin Crew of AirIndia, I as Safety watchers always raised the issue of ensuring CIC (Cabin Crew in Charge) like AirIndia, who should be atleast a person of 35-40 yrs of age with 2-3000 hours of flying experience as Cabin Crew and few more requirements, only then passenger’s safety will be in safe hands in the times of emergency. Such seasoned CIC will not only ensure safety of passengers in challenging situations & Emergency but also will groom Gen Next Cabin Crew.

In 1980’s era while undergoing flying training at Jaipur flying club, we used to be fascinated by only 2 careers -flying as Defence Pilot as no 1 priority and no 2 priority flying for AirIndia, for being highly dignified. I am sure all those who obtained their Commercial Pilot’s License in 1980 or pre Era had these 2 dreams, many could be lucky to make it to both, while few like me who could only fly as Defence Pilot or fly for AirIndia directly.

Now that AirIndia is back Home, I am sure Tata Group will not only ensure that AirIndia continues operating professionally but will also take good care of Brand Maharaja.

I would like to term AirIndia’s return to Tata Group as Best Tribute by Sir Ratan Tata to Sir JRD and also credit to the Prime Miniser Sh Narendra Modi who is making every effort to correct the History where ever possible.

Giving back AirIndia to Tata Group must be seen as big Tribute by Govt of India to Sir JRD and place he deserves in the history of Indian Aviation sector, similar to what NDA Govt has recently done by installing Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at India Gate giving him the place he deserved in India’s Independence struggle history.


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