Gen Bipin Singh Rawat a “Military Chanakya” indeed !

As a Tribute to Gen Bipin Singh Rawat, I through this Article wish to let people know about the most critical contribution of Gen Bipin Singh Rawat for Sovereignty of our Nation by providing 3 decades old most critical Military strategic need of our Defence Forces to ensure security of our borders and jointly facing the newer technological and operational challenges from our enemies.

Looking at newer war strategies and tactics our Forces have been raising the issue of critical & urgent need of Theatre Command for over 3 decades. This issue has been discussed at all the forums internal defence discussions, symposiums, war colleges, Govt-Defence discussions and also at highest Political discussions. These discussion started as early as in 1980s era but till year 2000 it only remained at discussion level.

With time, not only size of our forces have increased but class of weapons, equipments and so the challenges have become very complicated and multi dimensional and most critical concern was its pace of advancement especially when we are surrounded by rogue enemies in the most difficult terrains.

Theatre Command is a concept of functioning of all three forces under one military leader irrespective of Force that officer belongs, though selection of such officer would be based upon the area of operations and class of threats; as every conflict areas has it typical challenges so the strategy & tactics too, and leadership need too accordingly.

For almost one and half decade the political leadership was in doldrums as to how to takcle such decision as all three forces have different role, weapons, equipments, supremacy and leadership issues. Political leadership for over a decade were evading taking such decision considering it as a risk of disturbed balance /conflict termed as command & control problem among three forces of India. Another big challenge perceived was identifying an officer who not only have deep understanding of Army, Navy & Airforce strategies and Tactics but also is capable to command them as joint force to the military advantage of India for the sovereignty & security of Nation.

So the situation India reached where Country needed a strong Political leader who dare taking such decision maintaining balance among 3 force’s identity and supremacy of roles but also able to find some one who could lead 3 forces as joint military forces.

Without an Iota of doubt it was Mr Narendra Modi as PM and strong leader who could bring all forces leaders together and work upon common objective of National security. While doing this mammoth task he found Gen Bipin Singh Rawat as some one who was not only a versatile officer but well knit with officers of other forces and well accepted as senior most among them as top leader. Now it was turn of Gen Bipin Singh Rawat to ensure that he proves this decision right by ensuring that India has strategic framework to achieve its top critical military need i.e Theatre Command.

Gen Rawat over his tenure as CDS (Chief of Defence Staff ) could very quickly and effectively not only crafted the Strategic framework for Theatre Command but also executed it right, identifying right leaders from all 3 forces who can provide Tactical leadership to these Theatre Commands.

Theatre commands would not only enhance our nation’s military capability but also efficiency, impact at very cost effect level.

After OROP, appointment of CDS and successfully facilitating Theatre Command has been historic Political and Military decisions of Independent India, which was possible only by strong willed Political Leader Sh Narendra Modi.

India will always be indebted to Gen Bipin Singh Rawat for his such exemplary leadership, making India safer for ever. He was “Military Chanakya” indeed.



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