CORONA the COVID 19 Traumatizes beyond Human Imagination – A Tell tale

Its going to be 365 days since the World has been grappled with CORONA the COVID 19, killing Millions across globe.

The Numbers could have been around 5+ millions if India had not adopted fast paced strategy & very stringent initial discipline in managing the Pandemic and also if true numbers of China & Russia were known.

However, why this Pandemic is not taking permanent Rest is because people are not serious about following its protocol, for which Govt’s world over have tried all sorts of methodologies e.g Lock Down, Awareness Campaign, Punitive actions etc but somehow all seems to have failed as people aren’t taking any action seriously /life threatening.

My purpose of writing this Piece, is to convey the Traumatic experience a family goes through while dealing with COVID 19  and post that follows in their lives, which some how has neither been written about nor communicated by the victims as they have been so lost into managing fall outs of CORONA the COVID 19 induced trauma to the family and some may have gone into depression to even talk about it. Hence, the state & degree of Trauma caused by COVID 19 has not reached the masses so far.

Being recent victim, I have decided to get over it and write this “Tell tale” as to how Traumatic it can be when family goes through and also how miserable one as an individual feels as victim.

CORONA historically was known as virus that attacks Respiratory system and spreads very fast with very high fatal rate. Over 2 Centuries, World have suffered various traces of CORONA so far e.g SARS etc; and all these Virus infected Respiratory System alone.

While CORONA the COVID 19, has been much different from the past, so lethal & killing as its impacts did not restrict to the Respiratory system alone but any vulnerable Organ that had even mildest weakness. COVID 19 takes control over the system any vulnerable organ too, making diagnosis & treatment very challenging for even very experienced Doctors. Irony is that as COVID 19 is not a disease there is no prescribed diagnostic protocol & so the line of treatment. Doctors treat the patients symptomatically; it becomes very critical when patients don’t have typical COVID 19 symptoms as in many cases it has attacked other weak Organs and unless Doctors put the Patients under time consuming detailed investigations to know Organs under attack. There have been cases when Patient goes to a Doctor for certain ailment and Doctor realises it COVID 19 impacted Organ.

All the above scenarios, which are not only beyond Human imagination but also deceptive for the Medical fraternity to diagnose and deal with. Once a family goes through this situation, is under constant stress of hearing any new symptom / impairment during treatment. The Ordeal does not end even if the patient is recovered & released from the Treatment as there have been numerous cases of Patients returning to Hospital due to relapse of infection with even more gravity. This sends out second wave of shiver among the family members who are already stressed out mentally & financially.

COVID 19 is ruthless & merciless as it doesn’t spare people of any age & gender. Though losing family member is equally traumatic to all but it has caused highest degree of Trauma to many families which were at mid age to early old age bracket when the next generation (children) are in the process of settling down in career or next stage of their lives and need for parents is utmost not only emotionally but also financially which has  been drained out by rogue COVID 19. This leaves family into severe distress and everything around look gloomy & dark as if there is no light around and fear of COVID 19 not snatching away other members of the family.   

I have recently returned from funeral of my elder brother aged 59, with 2 growing children at developing stage of career & life aged 29 & 26. He was an old Asthma and treated Pneumonia Patient had symptoms of frequent mild fever in past few days which used to come under control by Paracetamol. After 3 such episodes he just happened to take COVID 19 test & was found Positive, from where the family started taking medical course and it so happened that in 48 hours he had severe congestion and CT Scan image was cluttered with COVID 19 stretch marks. Till now he neither had fever nor any coughing but developed little breathing problem, it was when he was admitted in the Hospital on precautionary basis.

To family’s panic, within 12 hours his Oxygen levels started dropping drastically & became very fluctuating. He was put on ventilator which was very uncomfortable but surprisingly he still neither had fever nor coughing except discomfort in breathing. While we were hopeful of his recovery, Doctor continued upscaling the line of treatment, took him to through full cycle of protocol and while he was in the last stage of treatment he suddenly breathed last without any notice.

This left the whole family into unanticipated & undesirable trauma causing state of severe shock. COVID 19 neither gave any alert, any indication of severity, typical symptoms and yet NO time to react that made me personally feel helpless of my whole life, despite being known to be mentally & emotionally strong person and same to his spouse.

As I am writing this piece for the interest of public, I consider it pertinent to mention here that my brother was following all the COVID 19 protocolsvery strictly but happened to be at public place for few hours, that’s the only violation the whole family is considering sole reason for this fatality.

More painful state been was that because of COVID 19 fears, only few counted people could attend his funeral, while my brother was one, who stood by & helped all his life anyone & everyone but for his last rites none could gather courage to attend. More than 90% messages & call that I received were that we are feeling so putrid that we are unable to even pay our homage to a person who has been next to us in all over needs, all his life.

To sum up this piece my request to all across the world is “Please do not take COVID 19 lightly” for any reason or logic. It is one of the strongest, ruthless & merciless Virus sparing none irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age etc.

Despite not in the state of mind & mood to write, I have taken this initiative to let people know how dangerous things can be for us when even one in the family is attacked by the COVID 19, as after gulping one member it can target other members too without any guilt.

So, Pls Pls Pls do follow COVID 19 protocols to save self, community, country & world at large.

Don’t become Prey to Dragon’s Devil !


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