National Hand-loom Day Special : Innovation is need than persuasive marketing

Hand-loom fabric wear attract most men & women as it enhances personality & offer wide range of garments e.g Saree, Salwar Suit, head gear (safa, topi) etc for women and Kurta, Dhoti, head gear (safa, topi) etc.

Despite garments made of Hand-loom fabric is most comfortable in all weather especially in hot & humid weather, Hand-loom doesnt have big market as quick readiness and upkeep of these fabric is big challenge & a tedious process, yet provide a short-lived look & feel effect.

Preparing these garments for wearing & up keep there are number of challenges. Out of all, most essential is role of Starch for look & feel and upkeep and yet usable only for single wear as it would need reprocess for upkeep. Hence, Hand-loom need persuasive promotion impetus through Govt route.

Therefore, to deal with these challenges, we need innovative approach to neutralize these challenges to make these fabrics user friendly with convenience. To add my contribution in achieving these bottle-necks, I have few suggestions to make :

1. Similar to Steam Iron a Starch Iron can be designed which can give starch Ironing to these garments as & when required in a very convenient way.

2. Saree, Dupatta, Men’s dhoti & Men’s head gear (safa) in addition to the Starch Iron would also need fabric stretching & drying mechanism, at a particular torque. Hence, Design of Starch Iron would need to include collapsible stretching cum drying platform to facilitate these specific & special effect.

3. In addition to above, Washing machines too need to have special wash programs to give wash cum softening effect to these garments.

4. Few Key commercial advantages that goes in favour of Hand-loom fabrics are :

i. Generate large number of jobs

ii. Made of organic raw material

iii. Environment friendly

iv. Govt subsidies & policy support

v. Tax holidays

vi.Exports promotion

vii. Recyclable

viii. Convertible of waste into Bio Fertilizer & Bio Fuel

ix. Huge scope of large Exports volumes, fetching Forex.

Above all, once Project is taken up by the qualified Technocrats, there may be many more commercial advantages and variants.

A big basket of Hand-loom products with user friendly equipments for convenient wear-ability & upkeep, with out need for persuasive marketing would be able to generate large volumes of business with substantial profits and also tag of Partnering Make in India & Atmanirbhar Bharat.


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