Nation-wide Immunity boost Program Pivotal need for Mission Atmanirbhar Bharat

Whether its enemy nation’s proxy war tactics as Biological warfare or Pharma sector’s milking mission by spreading genetic virus round the year with every change of season, Immunity becomes a need for nation wide govt program at same urgency, pace and coverage as Polio free India and Aadhar.

Though global community need to handle both these nuisance differently but till it is achieved people at large cannot be left vulnerable to viral attacks causing lose of life, loss of property, loss of business, loss of jobs resulting into national emergency in the worst case scenario.

COVID-19 has sent out a very strong message that accepting Biological nuisance is a new unavoidable & uncontrolled challenge. Hence, Govt of India must task Niti Aayog for drawing out a Citizen Charter to ensure that :

a. Corona Vaccine reach 100% population in shortest possible time in absolute terms

b. Nation-wide Immunity boost Program is launched and followed by continuous program:

i. To work along side Ministry of Health in developing a Family of Vaccines which would protect all citizens of India from contagious & non contagious infections from to all types of virus (Air, Water, Food, Contact) through Eyes, Nose, Skin, Throat & Lungs.

ii. Aadhar, PAN Card and Voters Card should also be valid for a specified period.

iii. Aadhar Card, PAN CARD, Voters Card and Passport are issued /renewed as per the validity of those Vaccines, keeping safe periodic margins for people to take the vaccines.

iv. Provisions of Charter should be obligatory for all Citizens with out any accountability of Govt to ensure delivery at door steps.

v. Vaccines may be spread out over the entire year for convenience of all stake holders.

vi. Each Vaccines should be linked with renewal periodicity of Aadhar Card, PAN CARD, Voters Card and Passport etc.

vii. For children and students specific guideline be promulgated.

viii. There should be proper recording of vial used for vaccination so that in case of citizen catching up any infection within life cycle of relevant vaccine , criminal action can be taken against Pharma Company and also Administrator.

ix. Vaccine should be administered through best technology to prevent any fake, unscrupulous vaccine administration.

x. There should be audit of vaccination by independent body to ensure genuine vaccines have been administered and 100% population have been covered.

xi. Anyone involved in any foul play in vaccine administration should be charged with serious and non bailable criminal offence.

xii. There should be a complaint cell / portal where people can file complaint by name or anonymously and responsible officer must ensure action taken within 24 hours.

Nation wide Immunity Boost Program if implemented through a close loop process, it will work as Safety Umbrella for Atmanirbhar Bharat.


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