India & Rest of World (ROW) must use current Military buildup to cut China to size

Looking at consensus of Rest of the World (ROW) community for Military build up against China, China will think twice before engaging/forcing upon military conflict on India unlike in the past, as it has been treacherous to all its neighbours so far.

China has been very unreliable ally with all the nations it does business with and those it share borders it has been a ruthless land grabber.

Though on one end China is taking strong Military posture, on the other end it is feeling pressure from own citizens, internal business community and externally it is witnessing nightmarish military buildup against it in all the regions over land & sea which it has been eyeing to grab as its national strategy so far.

At this moment China has only two allies Pakistan and Iran, out of which Iran has already been tamed by Russia; while Pakistan is supporting it against own public will. In both situations China is in very fluid military & diplomatic foot hold.

The kind of political & military synergy Rest of the world (ROW) has developed over past 3 months against China, it will force China to surrender and offer Peace pact with India.

India must not fall into trap of peace pact this time and accept that China is its permanent enemy and cannot be friend or ally anymore. Even for ROW too it is one time opportunity to settle all international disputes China has created world over, in past decades including recent global nuisance. Yet, this can be a time buying tactics of China to down scale global military pressure.

If at all India and ROW decide to deal with China on restoration of peace and de-militarization, following global issue must settle unconditionally :

a. WHO Inspection to probe role of China in COVID-19, till then imposition of Financial Sanctions.

b. Financial compensation to Australia for cyber attack loss

c. Convert LAC into permanent Border as per Indian claim

d. Doklam becomes part of Bhutan

e. Freedom of Tibet

f. Pakistan to vacate POK

g. OBOR and CPEC to be demolished

h. Liberate Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunwa with choice with them to be independent Nation or merge with India.

i. Hong Kong to be an independent.

j. No use of Veto Power for 5 yrs, No use of Veto on Terror issues even after.

k. No opposition to India to be member of UNSC

l. Vacate recently grabbed 38 Acre land of Nepal

m. No financial / Commercial /Military relations with Pakistan

n. No claim on Vladivostok (Russia) which China considers grabbed by Russia

o. No alliance with North Korea & no nuclear testing by North Korea

p. Disarm all Nuclear weapons and WMD of North Korea

q. Vacate all Islands in Paracel and Spratly region in South China Sea

r. Disarm all Nuclear weapons and WMD of China

s. No Military or Naval Exercise out of Chinese water /Land Territory

t. Settlement of excess taxes collected by China from USA Companies.

u. Restoration of Human rights to Uighar Muslims.

Historically, China has been a notorious and violative nation disturbing peace with all its neighbour & grabbing land. It is also known to disregard and violate Treaties. Therefore, India need to enhance vigil on its Northern & Western borders with Pakistan and also on Northern and North East Borders with China.

If we compomise even little on vigil, China may start training Pakistani Army Personnel in own Mountain ranges and may deploy them on own borders instead PLA and also establish Air-force & Naval base in Pakistan, as new strategy.


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