Baba Ramdev : Ambitious Yoga Guru’s saga of fall as Businessman !

Baba Ramdev was household name in 90’s decade for his excellent yoga techniques and huge fan following which spanned across social, religious, political, bureaucratic, business communities.

He became sole motivator for the people, to take yoga to every house and made people taking pride in doing yoga every day as follower of Baba Ramdev. Large number of people who were not able to attend his sessions for various reasons started following him on his CDs which used to sell in millions in numbers and even almost all TV Channels started showing his sessions during Air time convenient of people. This mission reached pinnacle when his following extended globally and many head of states too invited him for Yoga Sessions.

A hard cord Hindutva icon Baba Ramdev’s joining Anna Hazare lead “India Against corruption” movement made his entry into indirect politics and subsequently his statements on press too started turning pro Bjp. He started praising Bjp leaders during his Yoga sessions, yet top leaders from political parties remained close to him for Yoga.

It was in 2014 Parliament elections when he forged undocumented strategic alliance with Bjp, campaigned for the party and also held soft negotiation few LS Seats for his staunch followers/associates. This was the point of formal split for him with leaders of opposition parties. Now he was known as Yoga guru supporting Bjp though he was still enjoying good relations with many Cong & other party leaders informally.

Serving people with herbal medicine under banner named Patanjali has been his dream project when he was not even so famous. In 2006, he along with his close associate in gurukul in Haryana holding no share by him. He always used to say in his Yoga sessions that he wants to bring back Ayurvedic medicine in Indian lives at very affordable price so that even poor can get treatment, as he will be selling it at no profit.

Strangely, Acharya Bal krishna is not a saint, rather a sharp business man. After launching Patanjali as manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines, Patanjali decided to use another emotive nerve Swadeshi to enter into FMCG products market competing with other Indian manufacturers and MNCs into FMCG. Once again Baba Ramdev’s followers were lured for health & hygiene products claiming better purity and cheaper than MNCs. This turned the Coffee table of top MNCs upside down in India.

Most of his followers in interior villages areas buy Patanjali products only because of Baba Ramdev, without even knowing that Patanjali have hired many top executives from competing Indian & MNC FMCG firms only and that they are being served similar products with added few herbal ingredients.

Patanjali’s USPs of “Ayurvedic, Swadeshi, Pure & Cheap” brought windfall profits to it, escalating its Turn over to over Rs 10,000 Crore in FY 2016-17 double from FY 2015-16 of Rs 5000 Crore.

At this juncture, Baba Ramdev tweaked his promise of selling Patanjali at No profit to using Pofits earned by Patanjali for charity purpose and actually indulged into large number of charitable mission for cow etc, but in the back drop it actually turned into any other Company in India doing business for Profit.

Moving ahead, now for Patanjali, though Swadeshi continued to be in all statements of Baba Ramdev but had no aversion to doing business with foreign nations too which came to light when 50 Tonnes of Sandalwood being exported by Patanjali in 2018 was confiscated by DRI suspecting it being mixture of Grade A & B mixed with C grade Sandalwood which was violation.

Subsequently, all the Charges against Patanjali were dropped in 2019 and export was permitted, but what became evident that Baba Ramdev & Patanjali who captured big share in Indian FMCG Market on the Banner of Swadeshi have no reservation to do business with foreign nation that too enemy nation China.

Like many compliance evasive & unethical business entities in India, Patanjali was ordered by National Anti Profiteering Authority (NAA) to cough up Rs 75.08 Crore as penalty for not passing on GST rate reduction to the consumer as the Company instead increased the prices of its products.

There are many on Social Media who have been and are still yoga followers of Baba Ramdev feel frustrated to see miserable state of affairs at Patanjali as it was promised by him to operate Patanjali as Social Service, while Patanjali now is getting into legal controversy spoiling his own image and posting annoying message to him on Social Media.

The recent controversy which may land Baba Ramdev and many into serious legal battle for launching CORONIL as Corona Treatment medicine on 23rd Jun 2020, which came under controversy withing few hours of its launch, when Ministry of Ayush for not seeking any such permission.

Baba Ramdev who was well respected for his Yoga skills & sessions worldwide is struggling as Businessman for violations. Turnover of Patanjali of past 3 consecutive Financial Years FY 2016-17 : Rs 10,526; FY 2017-18 : Rs 9,500 and FY 208-19 : Rs 8,330 show a serious down trend, Patanjali losing its glory of Swadeshi & Ayurveda effecting image of Baba Ramdev too.

Sooner, Baba Ramdev accepts that he doesnt have cut to be a Business man, he can bounce back as unmatched Yoga guru with same respect & popularity among his followers !


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