India, better be Atmanirbhar Bharat in Diplomatic relations & Military capability too !

Past two decades have witnessed global Balance of Power in Roll n Pitch mode and if at all came to Quiescent phase, found tilting westwards. China continued to be somewhat on “Ëkla Chalo Re” mode yet bullying all its neighbours except North Korea using it as remote controlled lunatic military base, while Russia has been sometimes tilting towards USA to the extent of being accused of ensuring ouster of Democrats in USA despite being competitor in Defence equipment market & threatening of dire consequences to same Donald Trump ruled USA for any mis adventure in Syria, to conducting joint Military exercise with Pakistan forces and simultaneously negotiating S-400 Missile defence system with India as exclusive deal and supporting China’s candidature for proposed G-10/11 along with entry of India.

Above trends severely impacted global economy due to knee jerk changes in trade regulations in terms of anti dumping duties etc due nationalistic euphoria in USA, India in the form of Make in America, Make in India respectively. Trade war between USA & China severely soured, China forming a combined economic forum BRICS consisting of (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) on one end and on other end using Veto in UN against declaring Masood Azhar as Global Terrorist who is chief of Pakistan govt supported Terror outfit JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) accused of proxy war with India at J & K borders.

US – Taliban Agreement for restoring Peace in Afghanistan to handle domestic negative public sentiments American forces deployment in Afghanistan, and also restoration of peace with Iran though short lived. Indo-US relations have experienced “Seesaw effect”, as on one end US hitting hard India by imposing H1B VISA restrictions, imposing additional duty on 250 items imported from India, to boost Make in America mission ; on other end expanding G-7 to G-10/11 inviting India to join and also USA supporting India’s eligibility in UNSC.

Indian relations with Iran mostly have been very positive while US imposing Sanctions on Iran and even blocking India’s Oil purchase from Iran. USA’s one of the close ally in NATO – Turkey openly supported Pakistan in UN on Kashmir issue despite being one of the largest trade partner of India ; While US President Donald Trump specially organised “Howdy Modi” mega event to give grand welcome to Narendra Modi in USA at Houston, projecting him as his friend and Narendra Modi too reciprocating by taking him round the venue of “Howdy Modi” holding hand of Donald Trump high around the Indian diaspora.

Historically, US has been a Country which views all its diplomatic relations through business glasses which is primarily dominated by Military equipments, which have substantially been increased over past 2 decades till Russia restored its position as major Arms supplier at the level of erstwhile USSR. India had always enjoyed good relations with USSR as almost all the Defence deals since Independence were executed with USSR, though there have been allegations of huge kick backs to the tune of 40% in all the defence deals India executed with USSR. Indo- Russia relations are yet reach at par with Indo- USSR relations of 1950-80 decades. Further, new Russia too is eyeing for defence deals being major contributor & booster to its economy. Hence only big defence deals with Russia only would get Indo-Russia relations closer, which would mean tricky balancing of defence procurement with USA-Europe-Russia Triangle.

Apparently, with USA showing too much love for India for seat on UN platforms & other global forums but in Trade deals Make in America is its priority No.1. Russia is not yet trusted Military ally as it was in USSR Era.

As situation at Indian borders with China & Pakistan are hotting up and would continue to be hotting up between both countries, though US is showing support to India along with its NATO allies but will be mis-interpretation as if US standing up for India’s strategic objectives beyond its own objectives of punishing China for CORONA, gaining supremacy in South China Sea & damaging CPEC, breaking China’s economic spinal cord.

Our National Security strategists may be working on road map for India as Atmanirbhar Bharat independently protecting borders with China & Pakistan through military might.


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