Bollywood- a play ground for sinners, need deep cleansing !

Criminality, Sleaze, Bhaigiri, Coterie, Nepotism etc has been an acceptable norm for survival for anyone looking for career in Bollywood.

One just need to connect to the clout and make it to Star as Actor-Singer-Composer-Lyricist-Director-Writer etc. Dare one antagonize any of these active groups and they will be dumped & forgotten at drop of hat.

The Clout is criminally, politically & financially so strong that they can manage Investigations, Bail, Judgements, manipulate critical Forensic evidence, and anything which may become road block in their supremacy. Worst that happens is that Bollywood beat journalists act as stooge to these clouts, writing scripted reviews for & against as per whims & fancy of these masters.

You tube is loaded with lunatic, bullish & arrogant behaviour of these botox-faced rulers, which are being posted on SM too; but dare not Police or High-Court or Supreme Court take suo-moto action on any of these, while they discharge their duty of watch dog on any other issue they so decide to intervene.

Like any other Crinimal world, Bollywood too is divided in various groups joined by Producer, Directors, Actors, Choreographers, Music Directors, Lyricists, Writers etc. They too have similar to what is called gang war for business grab & survival using their connections in Politics, Police, Judiciary, Bureaucracy etc

All Screen Awards are display of slanderous communications/altercations across groups, but while they openly ridicule each other yet call it Bollywood a well knit family affair.

Sushant Singh Rajput, Jia Khan and may be many more in the past have not only lost their career but also ended up killing themselves because of these vultures who allow only their breed which need not be talented but must toe their line, bow to them, scream for them luciously , sleazingly & so on.

Ghost writers and Ghost Lyricists are way of working openly wherein unknown but talented writers & lyricists create best of story, screen play & dialouge, lyrics etc but it is all grabbed by members of these groups. The actual creator gets peanuts from these crocodiles as remuneration and remain unsung hero too as the Award goes to these fake creators.

In past 20 yrs, Bollywood has not produced even one Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, Lyricist, Music Composer who is either not born out of these families or directly/indirectly connected to them.

Its time for all the Struggling Talents of Bollywood to come out in open, post videos, messages etc on SM narrating truths exposing real face to these parasites so that people reject them & their off-springs on Social Media and also in Theaters & OTT.

Govt must also regulate this Industry through business operations regulations, ethical & statutory compliances and Ombudsman to address grievances of victims and act as watch dog.

It will a great contribution of Judiciary to the world of Art & Culture if they take suo-moto actions on any direct /indirect criminality in this sector as Entertainment is very important part of our society, till a system is evolved to set this Industry free of Criminality.

India Inc too should venture into this domain to boost professional & fair trade practices in the Bollywood and also offer variety of entertainment reviving glory of this Industry to pre 1980 Era.

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  1. Indian Government should step in and fix this problem by putting up a regulatory authority. Bollywood has great impact on millions of Indians same way like Cricket. Almost every third Indian in small towns has a dream to get connected with this glam world hence we can’t ignore the issues of Bollywood.


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