Tactical Targeting the way ahead for ROW(Rest of World) in an inevitable War with China

China, despite being a UN member has been a torturous Nation especially in past 2 decades. It has been deliberately raising conflict with all its neighbours & also with the countries it is doing business with.

Over the years due to soft leaderships across world especially in key countries e.g USA, EU, India etc, China has been building its military might not only in South China Sea, but also trying to bully Tibet, Bhutan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Philippines, Sri Lanka and even Australia. While it has been using Pakistan as stooge against India and North Korea as Lab of Nuisance.

South China Sea is part of key shipping route for many countries navigating through Malacca Strait. In the Paracel and Spratly islands region there are more than 70 reefs and islets in the South China Sea, on which China is one out of 5 Nations staking claim.

The Paracels are a group of islands east of Vietnam, claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam, into which China intruded. Simultaneously, China has also forced its presence into the Spratly Islands which are cluster of dozens of low-lying islands and reefs near Borneo.

Pushing its way through, China has projected itself as military might in South China Sea and built up Military facilities including runways, in the Paracel and Spratly islands. These runways are being used by Chinese fighter aircrafts for surveillance and show of dominance over South China Sea region.

India has developed and been enjoying friendly relations with USA for over past 20 yrs and also executed several Military equipment & aircraft deals making a soft ally of USA

Observing India’s inclination towards USA & NATO, China has been building its significance in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet etc in recent years and also have conducted several Missile tests through North Korea and military activities in South China Sea.

China clandestinely has been supporting Pakistan in cross border terrorism, exercised Veto in UN in favour of Pakistan. Considering Pakistan an ally, China has built CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) through POK, violating India’s right over POK.

In 2017, Chinese Army created Doklam conflict, which was resolved without any casualty on either side taking tough stand by Indian Army & Govt of India. This was a helping hand India extended to Bhutan.

But on 15th Jun 2020, China has attempted a huge mis-adventure in Galwan Valley as military pressure on India to not sync with USA who is leading to build global consensus against China for CORONA. This has taken Indo-China relations to a Point of No Return.

Now that ROW (Rest of the World) lead by USA have got together to teach life time lesson to China for its COVID-19 nuisance, treacherous activities to all its neighbours, muscle flexing in South China Sea, and recent Cyber attack on Australia, the USA & allies may be contemplating one time massive but swift Military action on China and its allies, breaking its military and economic back bone.

Keeping in view, the ROW (Rest of the World) may resort to Tactical Targeting out of listed under :

a. Severe Damage to CPEC & also to Karanchi Harbour, breaking China’s dream of becoming economic super power .

b. India’s military assault on LAC and LOC front, simultaneously opening strike from Afghan base helping liberate Baloch & Sindh.

c. US & allied forces action on access routes of North Korea to its nuclear sites.

d. US & Australian forces capture Chinese occupied Islands in Paracel and Spratly region. This will be a strategic supremacy for USA in providing support to Taiwan, Philippines, Australia etc, challenging China in South China Sea. This will also help USA monitor & check North Korea’s Missile activities and also conduct more effective FONOPs (Freedom of Navigation Operations) by US Navy in South China Sea.

Ideally, silence of Russia and Iran will help achieve Strategic objectives expeditiously through Tactical targeting. This will ensure long term world peace and relief from Chinese misdemeanor in business, political and military relations, deals and treaties.


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